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Closely living the event brings more intense emotions to the viewer.
Since 2003, La Solution RF offers its expertise to television channels and events. Thanks to the evolution of RF technologies in recent years, the possibilities of camera placement and video transmission are more and more in support of your imagination. Make you feel the emotions of an athlete, parachutist, car pilot or a fighter plane … Our solutions and our technicians put into work your craziest ideas to make you experience the live event.

Whatever the distances to cover, La Solution RF adapts its technology and provides the needed means to transmit your images on the ground or on the air. Equipped motorbikes, helicopters, RF relay airplanes, RF steadycam, point to point links. The equipment available from La Solution RF evolves constantly in order to meet the requirements of our clients.

In 2015, we have developed a global solution for broadcasting (new cost) all your events: La Solution Live.

We put our resources at the service of your imagination.


Nos différents clients font confiance à notre expérience et aux divers savoir-faire de notre société.




La Solution RF, a true partner for your RF projects.



A limitless technology and expertise.

la solution

In 2015, we have developed an innovative tool, entirely dedicated to the live broadcasting of all sorts of events: sport championships, concerts, Trade Fairs, conventions, team building…

This global solution (new cost), La Solution Live, is composed of an uplink station truck containing all the latest HD production technologies and of RF equipment with which we have a solid experience acquired during large events all around the world. This device allows a very fast set up time on site. We have imagined this service by analyzing the needs of events organizers who needed a better visibility with the second screen, and rates (new cost) tailored to their budget.

We also offer broadcasting equipment: giant screen, live streaming on the Internet and smart-phones, also access to summaries on our servers for possible commentators.

To extend the emotion, we can provide HD recordings on SD cards as soon as the event ends. These SD cards can be sold to the public immediately after the end of the event and be another source of income for you.

If we sum up, La Solution Live is:

Easier : a complete turnkey solution and quick to set up
More accessible : new cost rates for every budget
More visible : your event is more legible for your public
More audience : live streaming on the internet for a better mediatization
More income : your sponsors' logos on all live feeds and sale of SD cards


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October 2021
Semi-Marathon Marseille Cassis 2021 - FTV

For the 5th year, France Télévisions has entrusted us with the installation of the RF systems for the live broadcast of Marseille-Cassis. This year the RF Solution and France Televisions have innovated by replacing the motorcycle by BMW electric scooters equipped for live transmission. Besides these scooters the setting is made up of a audio journalist motorbike, a Cineflex helicopter, a rider equipped for interviews, 2 RF cameras at the start and a RF camera at the finish line, all with a RF relay aircraft. This technical configuration worthy of those set up during large classic cyclists is complemented by our RF OB Van which processes the signals and gives them to the FTV OB Van. This year the Scooter n°1 was equipped, in association with DVS, with a slow motion camera with transmission of 2 video signals. The Solution RF team once again met the technical requirements of this complex service.

October 2021
Grand Raid 2021 4K - Réunion 1ère FTV

Réunion 1ère, the France Télévisions group channel on the island of La Réunion, called on La Solution RF to set up a large-scale HD terrestrial RF on the departure of the Grand Raid 2021 in St Pierre Pier. 2 RF steadycams, a drone, fixed RF cameras, beams and a RF Quad. The technical challenge raised by Réunion 1 ère and La Solution RF was this year to manage 2 TV trays and mobile HF cameras directly from the OB Van HD. This technical configuration was made possible thanks to the terrestrial multiplex RF of La Solution RF, but also the skills and the close collaboration between the teams of La Solution RF and Réunion 1 ère.

September 2017
Breitling Sion Airshow 2017

Exceptional feature on the Breitling Sion Airshow 2017: The RF Solution participated in the Live video device of this magnificent Airshow in Switzerland, thanks to its cameras embedded in many planes, on paratroopers, ... With the broadcast in Live on giant screen the public was, for example, on board the Jet of the leader of the Bretling patrol.

Février 2022
Music French Awards 2022 - FTV

France Télévisions has again appealed to La Solution RF for the installation of HF cameras on Music French Awards 2022. The trust that France Télévisions has shown us for years allows us to fully integrate into their technical devices, in full collaboration with their teams.

March 2022
GTHP (Groupement Equestre des Hippodromes Parisiens)

For the 16th consecutive year, La Solution RF is setting up a tracking device to film the most prestigious horse races such as the Prix de Diane, the Jockey Club or the Arc de Triomphe. By integrating with the stabilized camera set up by the GTHP, our RF device gives live HD images in the heart of the race and contributes to the realization of the international signal. Over the years, we have made more than 400 technical services in the biggest racecourses by adapting to the different constraints encountered on each site.

November 2016
Vendée Globe 2016

La Solution RF at the start of the Vendée Globe with Spirit of Yukon.

June 2013
1rst Flight AIRBUS A350

A true technical challenge, La Solution RF has implemented 7 HD HF cameras, which can transmit all over the Airbus site, as well as on board the aircraft with camera control. Betting raised by La Solution RF, the sun as a bonus ...

mai 2013

La Solution RF s’est vu confier la mise en place d’un dispositif HF audio-vidéo-intercom global sur l’ensemble du site du Fise 2013. Ce dispositif était composé de 5 caméras HF HD avec control de voie, tally et intercom sur la totalité du site de compétition, soit près de 3 ha à couvrir.


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